CapsicoHealth launches Custom LLMs for
Real-World Insights

The Problem: More than half of the new drugs or devices or digital services launched by Life Sciences and Healthcare companies underperform or fail in the market, and over 35% of the products see near zero share of the market in spite of several billions of US dollars spent across launch, market access, value-modeling, outcomes and outreach activities. New drugs, devices and value-based digital services face many barriers for adoption, including payment models and physician adoption. In the era of value-based care and personalized treatments, CapsicoHealth harnesses the power of a Real World Intelligence platform coupled with AI models for Life Sciences and Healthcare.

How Does CapsicoHealth
enable insights and transformations?

CapsicoHealth brings a market leading AI & LLM Platform and Co-Pilots for Market Access, HEOR, MSL, Clinical Affairs and Market development stakeholders to gather insights on adoption predictors, market opportunities, launch failure risks and product insights by analyzing billions of multi-modal data records such as studies, trials, de-identified EMRs, claims, webinars and sponsored events in multi-cloud environments. CapsicoHealth's proprietary LLMs (Enterprise data driven Large Language Models) bring unique capabilities in predicting optimal patient journeys based on multi-modal Real World Data. Our platform drives 99% accuracy in data quality, reduces manual steps by 98% and operational costs by 15%, and enables over 90% accuracy in predicting outcomes and optimal journeys.

1+ Trillion
Data Points Managed
10+ Million
Patient Journeys Analyzed
Cost Savings

First Health AI Workbench for Insights

Life Sciences and healthcare enterprises are challenged with analyzing billions of data points to generate insights, enable outcomes predictions and target populations for timely care. CapsicoHealth offers health industry's first "No-Code" AI Workbench over the cloud to rapidly design and deploy enterprise grade AI and LLM driven analytics and Co-Pilot tools, and leverage Capsico's LLMs for patient pathways analyses. The workbench automates integration across EMRs, claims, trials, studies, webinars & time-series data, and builds upon knowledge catalogs to enable AI models. Contact us for a demo.

Provider Networks and Influence

Poor outcomes occur when patient pathways include suboptimal care and untimely treatments. Over 60% of patients do not see optimal treatment due to limited access. There is a strong incentive to gather insights into provider networks and their impact on prescriptions, treatments, procedures and corresponding outcomes. CapsicoHealth provides world-class and state of the art longitudinal registries, risk summaries and episodes to compare outcomes across treatment (e.g. Cardiology and Oncology).

MSL Co-Pilot on Patient Journeys

Patient journeys are critical to driving insight into timely treatment and therapies, while ensuring outcomes improvement. The MSL co-pilot empowers clinical and medical affairs specialists with real-time insights into studies, trials, patient pathways from real-world data. Patient journeys can inform Life Sciences companies and healthcare groups to target the right populations at the right time. CapsicoHealth brings custom LLM technology based on multi-modal data to model patient journeys, predict outcomes and enable analyses of future segments of the journeys. See the summaries.

Announcing Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry's First Cloud-Based "No Code" AI/LLM Workbench

After multiple validations with partners, we are very proud to announce , health industry’s first cloud-based “no-code” AI/LLM workbench to enable specialists to rapidly develop, validate, and deploy predictive and generative AI models to gather insights from billions of data points Continue reading...

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