CapsicoHealth Simplifies
Value Based Care

CMS and Commercial payors in partnership with providers are seeing value in Piloting payment models, however no one anticipated the complex operational changes needed. Our vision is to bring proven real-time analytics technology and strong domain expertise to reduce costs and streamline the transitions (e.g. BPCI-A, CJR and related).

How Does CapsicoHealth
Drive Value?

Our AI platform boosts productivity for financial analysts and clinicians by analyzing billions of data points and accurately identifying cohorts. Our platform drives 99% accuracy in data quality, 15% reduction in operational costs, over 80% accuracy in identification (e.g. hospitalization risk), and enables teams to focus on improving care.

10+ Billion
Records Managed
150+ Million
Care Episodes Analyzed
Cost Savings

AI Driven Analytics for Outliers

Providers and payors are challenged with analyzing billions of data points to identify at-risk cohorts, outlier groups, and margin opportunities. Manual processes limit the scope on improving care and what can be done. Capsico’s AI driven analytics can rapidly identify cohorts for care, reduce costs and manual processes.

Early days of care post-discharge are critical

Poor outcomes occur when patients transition between uncoordinated providers. Our studies have shown high unplanned acute admissions within the first 14 days from post-acute care settings. With a shift towards value based payment, there is a strong incentive for providers to partner to improve care and reduce acute visits.

Insights Help Target Opportunities

Providers, Payors and ACOs are looking to generate new insights to tackle costs and improve care. The challenges are compounded as data from claims, EMRs, home and community, and social factors need to be analyzed for care improvement opportunities. Capsico has launched a series of studies on outcomes, risk and cohort costs. See the summaries.

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