Are your patients on the right, cost-effective, value driven care pathways? CapsicoHealth offers state-of-the-art, world-class, episode driven Bundled payment analytics tools to providers to reduce cost variation, improve care outcomes and optimize revenue for Commercial and CMS driven contracts (OCM, CJR and BPCI included). CapsicoHealth's data and risk platform combines a variety of operational, claims and clinical data to provide deep insights to manage episodes and bundles. CMS recently announced that by 2018, nearly 50% of beneficiary payments will be value based on a traditional fee for service model. Our products empower healthcare providers to plan, optimize and manage pathways for revenue management across episodes and payment bundles.

Episode Efficiency drives Outcomes

Over 1 in 3 patients with chronic conditions see a limited follow-up from their providers post-discharge, leading to patient dissatisfaction, prolonged recovery, poor outcomes and reduced reimbursement. Post-discharge, a multitude of providers engage patients over short periods of time but very few share data or coordinate recovery services leading to patient dissatisfaction, low adherence and poor recovery.

Relationships Drive Care

Poor communication and broken relationships between patients and providers have been shown to result in a limited understanding of health goals and drop-offs, leading to a rise in unplanned ambulatory and ED visits, and variability in costs. With a shift towards value based purchasing and payment, there is a strong incentive for providers to reduce cost of episode based services while building relationships with patients.

Insights Reduce Cost Variability

CapsicoHealth enables patent pending, data platform and risk tools to design bundles and manage episode of care and payment. Our data platform integrates critical pieces of information for Bundled payments, and gathers data from post-acute billing, EMRs, call-center records, home-visit records, and enables longitudinal assessments of patients.

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