Products Offered

CapsicoHealth offers a web-based AI platform for providers, ACOs and Plans to design flexible rules based risk contracts, compare provider performance and manage episodes of care in real-time. Our products help risk-bearing entities to track episodes across acute to post-acute and outpatient settings, and provide timely recommendations to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Our MSO, Payor delegate and Plan based tools (on our platform) enable financial analysts to rapidly iterate across millions of claims and EMR related data to identify cost reduction opportunities (PMPM) and set expenditure targets.


CAPSDATA is our foundation for data (NoSQL and SQL based) with a secure and compliant dynamic warehouse to capture very large data sets from post-acute and acute provider EMRs, claims, clinical notes, billing and HR. CapsData is the base for all of our AI based risk tools, predictive analytics, margin scorecards and outcomes. CapsData enables integration and interoperability with several EMRs, care applications and CRM tools.


CAPSRISK is a state-of-the-art, AI driven analytics tool for risk contract design, episode based care, risk and targeted care. CapsRisk enables rapid designs of risk contracts with complex criteria driven by patient conditions, costs and outcomes. CapsRisk drives prediction models for future costs, utilization, LOS and unplanned admissions. CapsRisk supports a range of contracts: Cancer Care (OCM), HiP & Knee (CJR), BPCI and BPCI-A.


Episode Manager (CAPSEPISODE) enables real-time episode identification and management based on EMR and social data. CapsEpisode enables risk stratification of patient outcomes and health status conditions. CapsEpisode leverages continuous feedback of information from providers involved in care delivery. Providers can tracking episode risk, performance and compare their physician outcomes.

CapsicoHealth's Solutions Cloud is SOC2-compliant

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