Healthcare Products

CapsicoHealth brings the power of AI/LLMs and Co-Pilots to empower Market Development, Network Management and Clinical Leaders in Health Systems to get automated summaries on market and revenue opportunities from claims, EMR, provider registries, and surveys, and integrates multi-modal data. Our solutions are designed for Providers involved in improving patient outcomes and reducing population risk.

Patient Pathway Co-Pilot

Our LLM driven Co-Pilot based on our AI platform enables deep insight into guidelines, patient pathways, population risk and real-world journeys. Our Co-Piltos will enable Market and business development personnel generate reports and insights into specific lines of business at Health systems. Our LLM and AI tools enable analyses of outcomes, referral patterns, and risk assessments. Our predictions enable risk of sub-populations (e.g. Cardiac or GI), volume forecasts for procedures, treatment outcomes and digital services.

Revenue Co-Pilot

This is our innovative AI solution that enables network and referral analyses and reduces operational burden by automating insights from billions of data points for network management, physician insight and influence. Our solution is based on a combination of Capsico's LLMS, CapsData and Cohort Manager products that we offer on our AI platform. The tools in the solution extract valuable information on referral patterns, patient journeys, payor models, market opportunity provider influencers.

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