Solutions Offered

CapsicoHealth enables advanced episode based payment solutions that combine Capsico’s products with data integration to meet the clinical, cost and technology needs of care providers. The solutions are configured and deployed either on-premise or in a secure, hosted cloud environment. Along with corresponding workflows, they are configured for providers to enable care scenarios, pathways and corresponding risk assessments. Our solutions are designed for Health Systems, ACOs, bundled payment participants and post-acute providers involved in care and risk sharing contracts.


CapsBundle is a pre-configured analytics tool for bundle design, identification, risk, care tracking and revenue estimation. CapsBundle is based on the CapsRisk and CapsData products. CapsBundle enables bundle identification, revenue opportunities, risk assessments and adjustments. Its predictions enable pathway adherence, bundle cost assessment and revenue opportunities. The CapsBundle solution identifies high-cost patient groups, optimal cost-sensitive pathways, and makes recommendations to providers to select the right PAC care group.


Care Pathway Tracker enables workflows for population risk management, cost of the pathways across sub-populations, and relationship assessment based on current and past experiences with providers along care pathways. Based on a combination of CapsData and CapsConnect products, it extracts valuable information on provider performance and patient outcomes to derive the strength of the provider-patient relationship. CapsPathway leverages continuous feedback of information from patients to enable assessments, provider value and care performance.

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