Why Capsico?

Revenue and market opportunities through CapsicoLLMs

With the move towards personalized care and value-based based models, Life Sciences companies and providers have strong incentives to identify populations at risk to improve outcomes, increase market access for drugs and devices, reduce total cost of treatment, and optimize care pathways and healthcare journeys. CapsicoHealth enables deep insights through a comprehensive flexible (SaaS) cohort analyzer product for analysts, market access and HEOR specialists and Life Sciences and provider groups by analyzing billions of data points around sub-population level diagnoses, utilization, pathways and quality of care. CapsicoLLMs leverage proprietary enterprise data to predict with high accuracy the optimal treatment pathways.

AI driven patient journey and population insights

For providers and life-science groups to drive personalized care and value-models they have to identify areas where population risk can be estimated and treatments can be personalized. In addition, providers have to minimize the negative outcomes over sub-populations (e.g. cardiac patients with negative outcomes). The AI driven tools enable risk assessments of subpopulations (e.g. Lung cancer or cardiac arrhythmia) on various quality measures such as non-adherence to care pathways. CapsicoHealth offers AI driven predictive tools for clinical and medical affairs, and specialists on the populations at-risk to enable provider outreach and influence analyses.

AI driven predictors of drug and device adoption

CapsicoHealth's Generative AI platform provides cloud-based tools for Life Sciences companies and healthcare groups to identify risk and trajectory when launching new drugs and devices and services by monitoring automatically multiple outcomes, competitor information, prescriptions, procedures and population diagnoses. CapsicoHealth's platform can pin-point outlier population groups that are likely to adopt specific drugs and devices based on the current studies, trials and outcomes.

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