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Our AI products help Life Sciences and healthcare organizations to track adoption and value delivered by their drugs, devices and services, and derive new insights, including outcomes based on massively large multi-modal data sets to and personalized care. CapsicoHealth offers healthcare industry's first "No-Code" AI/LLM Workbench over cloud environments to rapidly design, validate, and deploy AI/LLM models and workflows based on massively large Real World data sets. The workbench automates data pipelines on EHR, claims, studies, trials, seminars, webinars, Life Sciences, time-series data for AI modeling and operational deployment. Contact us to request a demo.


CAPSDATA is our foundation for data (NoSQL and SQL based) with a secure and compliant dynamic warehouse to capture very large de-identified data sets from post-acute and acute provider EMRs, claims, clinical notes, image, time-series and life-science data. CAPSDATA is multi-cloud based platform and supports FHIR integration through Google Health Data APIs, Azure FHIR and AWS. CapsData powers our AI based tools, predictive analytics and care workflows, and enables integration with financial applications.


Cohort Manager is a state-of-the-art AI/LLM tool for enable Co-Pilots for risk analyses, design, episode based care and predictive risk models. Cohort Manager helps providers and payors to analyze any population group or cohort with complex criteria. Cohort Manager also drives LLMs and predictive models on claims, EMR data and surveys to enable population health analyses for care interventions. Cohort Manager supports over 400+ predefined cohorts in population health areas such as Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Surgery, Mental Health, Diabetes and GI.


CapsicoHealth offers healthcare industry's first "No-Code" AI Workbench over cloud environments to rapidly design, develop, validate, audit and deploy Generative AI driven LLM and Predictive models and workflows based on massively large multi-modal healthcare data sets. The workbench empowers analysts, clinicians and scientists to model billions of complex data points to predict financial, operational and clinical outcomes such as risk of future hospitalizations and forecasts within minutes. Contact us for a demo.

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