CapsicoHealth Simplifies
Value Based Care

In the era of value-based care and rapidly transforming virtual care, our vision is to bring proven AI driven real-time analytics for providers and payors to simplify care models and reduce costs. Our world-class AI platform enables rapid intelligence tools and FHIR interoperability on very large data sets to enable value-based care models such as BPCI-A, CJR, OCM, RO-APM and Alternative or custom payment models.

How Does CapsicoHealth
Drive Value?

Our market leading AI platform identifies opportunities and boosts productivity for financial analysts, operational specialists and clinicians by analyzing billions of multi-modal data points in multi-cloud environments. Our real-time AI workbench automates data collection and enables analysts and clinicians to derive predictive insights and rapidly identify populations at-risk for targeted care. Our platform drives 99% accuracy in data quality, 15% reduction in operational costs, over 80% accuracy in identification (e.g. hospitalizations), and enables teams to focus on care.

20+ Billion
Records Managed
180+ Million
Care Episodes Analyzed
Cost Savings

First No-Code AI Workbench for Insights

Healthcare enterprises are challenged with analyzing billions of data points to predict outcomes and generate insights. CapsicoHealth offers healthcare industry's first "No-Code" AI Workbench over the cloud to rapidly design, develop, validate, audit and deploy predictive models and workflows based on large multi-modal healthcare data sets. The workbench automates integration across EHR, claims, life sciences & time-series data, and leverages model repositories and knowledge catalogs to enable AI models. Contact us for a demo.

Provider Networks and Compare

Poor outcomes occur when patients transition between uncoordinated providers. Studies have shown a rise in unplanned admissions and cost variability due to lack of coordination. There is a strong incentive to engage providers, drive steerage and improve patient care. CapsicoHealth provides world-class and state of the art provider rating and engagement tools to help compare providers and drive outcomes. In addition, CapsicoHealth's tools enables seamless integration of data across providers based on the FHIR and HL7v2 standards.

Digitizing Care Workflows

Value-based care companies and risk-bearing groups are challenged with identifying at-risk populations, driving timely care, while ensuring quality. The challenges include real-time tracking of symptoms to timely care delivery. CapsicoHealth brings highly innovative technology based on text and image data, and FHIR interoperability (on multi-clouds, including Google Health Data APIs) to quantify risk and identify intervention areas and cost reduction opportunities. See the summaries.

Announcing Healthcare Industry's First Cloud-Based "No Code" AI Workbench

After 2 years of validation with partners, we are very proud to announce during the 2022 JP Morgan week, health industry’s first cloud-based “no-code” AI workbench Autosoma™ to enable scientists and clinicians to rapidly develop, validate, and deploy predictive models, and generate healthcare insights from tens of billions of data points using robotic automation tools, all while gathering knowledge from published clinical and cost models for the health industry. Multiple challenges drove us to build this product during the pandemic. Continue reading...

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