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CapsicoHealth is very excited to bring a proven AI platform and services for providers, payors and life-science groups to transition smoothly to a value base care environment. CapsicoHealth presents at various industry conferences, scientific workshops and symposia. CapsicoHealth is actively involved in conducting trials, population level studies and the science behind the AI technology for improving patient care and reducing costs.

News Calendar

     CapsicoHealth Jan 4th, 2022 Announcing Healthcare Industry's First Cloud-Based "No Code" AI Workbench: AutoSoma™

After 2 years of validation with partners, we are very proud to announce during the 2022 JP Morgan week, health industry’s first cloud-based “no-code” AI workbench AutoSoma™ to enable scientists and clinicians to rapidly develop, validate, and deploy predictive models, and generate healthcare insights from tens of billions of data points using robotic automation tools, all while gathering knowledge from published clinical and cost models for the health industry. Multiple challenges drove us to build this product during the pandemic. Continue reading...
     CapsicoHealth July 15th, 2021 CapsicoHealth launches first ever Population Health solution on cloud based FHIR platforms (including Google Health Data Engine, Azure FHIR and HAPI based solutions)
     CapsicoHealth October 15th, 2020 CapsicoHealth sponsors first comprehensive Oncology Summit
     CapsicoHealth March 30th, 2020 CapsicoHealth tracks COVID-19 trends and hotspots at
     CapsicoHealth March 15th, 2020 CapsicoHealth launches a COVID-19 advanced solution for providers and organizations.
     HLTH'19 Oct 27th, 2019 CapsicoHealth at HLTH 2019
     INFORMS'19 Oct 20th, 2019 CapsicoHealth at INFORMS 2019 - Sepsis Hospitalization Risk
     ASTRO'19 Sept 16th, 2019 CapsicoHealth live at ASTRO on Radiation Oncology APMs
     CapsicoHealth March 15th, 2019 CapsicoHealth study on hospitalizations due to Sepsis
     CapsicoHealth March 1st, 2019 CapsicoHealth study on Home Health based acute hospitalization
     HIMSS'19 Feb 28th, 2019 CapsicoHealth at Innovation Live Summit HIMSS
     Becker's Healthcare Jan 9th, 2019 CapsicoHealth has made Becker's Population Health Top 100 list
     Academy Health Conference on Dissemination Dec 3rd, 2018 CapsicoHealth presented a Poster on Hospitalizations and Readmissions
     Bundled Payment Conference Sep 13th, 2018 CapsicoHealth’s plenary presentation
     Stanford University / CapsicoHealth, Inc. Aug 31st 2018 Breaking the Boundaries of Innovation: AI Workshop for Consumers & Enterprises
     Population Health for Payors and Providers Jul 23rd, 2018 CapsicoHealth’s plenary presentation
     Annual Research Meeting of Academy Health Jun 25th, 2017 CapsicoHealth presented a poster


We showcased products at HIMSS during the past 3 years: HIMSS (2015) - Connected Health and Population Health; HIMSS (2016) - Population Health Summit and Education Center; HIMSS (2017) - Population Health Summit; HIMSS (2018) - Population Health Summit;

Scientific Presentations

We presented podium papers and posters on episode based risk, predictive models and AI driven platforms at various conferences: AMIA (2015), INFORMS (2015), HIMSS (2015), HIMSS (2016), AHFE (2016), INFORMS (2016), AcademyHealth (2017) and Health Analytics (2017).

NIH Grants

CapsicoHealth is a receiptient of the prestigious NLM (NIH) SBIR grant (September 2017) for real-time episode analyses, NLP (for social determinants), ontologies and risk models based EMR data.

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